The fame of McDonald’s most iconic burgers are fading amongst Norwegian millennials. To reignite McDonald’s core products we created a mobile game. The game portrays a team of anti-superheroes called McAttack. They get their superpowers by consuming their respective favorite burgers and are stormy spokespersons for their superior diet.

Creating a "hero"

Representing the iconic Quarter Pounder is QP-Man. A true Quarter Pounder lover with a big mouth. To launch the game and the character, we made a promotional film exploiting the hype surrounding HBO’s Westworld at the time.

We developed a complete game experience,

from visual to UI/UX and gameplay.

Addictive gameplay

An important feature in the game was the possibility to challenge your friends via Facebook. When they accepted your challenge, they would compete against a ”ghost-run” of your latest performance. This feature played an important role in spreading the game and making it a hit.


To gain better reach, we got Norway’s most famous youtubers to test and review the game. They challenged their followers to beat their best run.


To make the game even more addictive we created a set of badges. The badges were listed with hints on how to get them by completing different actions in-game. Not necessarily actions that would give you a high score, but things that encouraged to explore all aspects of the game.



In addition to being a fun waste of time, the game offered free sampling. The most skilled players would be able to unlock a digital coupon on their phones and exchange it for a free Quarter Pounder at McDonald’s.

Level design

The character runs through the countryside where McDonald’s source their ingredients from and towards more urban areas where you’ll find their restaurants.

Custom typeface

A round and chunky typeface was made to match McDonald’s delicious burgers and was used throughout the game and on campaign material.

Sound design

Sound is an important component of gaming experience. We customized gameplay-music and sound effects.


50.000 users joined QP-Man on his quest for burgers and 200.000 games were played,
with an average session time of almost 4 minutes.

Try the game on your mobile:

Username and password: mcattack